Strength and Conditioning for BJJ


Strength and Conditioning for BJJ

A 10-week Strength and Conditioning training program designed for grapplers

This program is for anyone wanting to become stronger, fitter and more mobile while practising a grappling sport.

I created this program for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling practitioners of any level who are looking for a strength and conditioning edge on the mats at the gym or when competing.

    • Increase posterior strength
    • ​Keep up with bigger opponents
    • Avoid the control of your opponents by developing a rock-solid, stable core.
    • Develop your anaerobic lactic threshold
    • ​BJJ specific mobilization techniques to minimize injury, keep you on the mats, AND make you less susceptible to submission
    • Creates more awareness of how the body moves through space resulting in more body control, balance, and stability.
    • Learn how to avoid muscle imbalances that occur from training a specific muscle group too much
    • Develop maximal strength which will then carry over into Power AND Endurance
    • Build the perfect amount of muscle, so you’re quick and agile, but powerful.
    • ​The optimal heart rate to stay at when training for aerobic capacity
    • ​Gain eccentric strength and learn about what it is, and why it’s absolutely critical to your success.