Personalised Nutrition Plan

personalised nutrition plan


Personalised Nutrition Plan

Your goals and your body are unique and with nutrition being such a crucial element to reaching your health goals, your nutrition should be unique to your needs too.
I have created 100% personalised nutrition plans in such a way that it is accessible to everyone because I believe that access to health knowledge should not be a matter of privilege.

How it works 

Once off a 45-minute consultation call to discuss your eating habits, lifestyle and goals. I then go off and create your unique plan based on your body’s calorie and macro needs as well as your lifestyle. My plans are unique to you and will fit in with your cultural, religious or lifestyle values and you will never have to eat something you don’t like!
The plan is delivered to you within a week.
Ongoing WhatsApp support and guidance is offered too.

Cost breakdown:

Once off consultation R400
Meal Plan fee: R850