Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit Gi Jess


Fighting Fit

Got a fight coming up soon or just looking to get fighting fit? Train with me!

As a pro MMA fighter and certified strength and conditioning coach, I know what it takes to get fighting fit!

This 8 week training camp incorporates skills based cardio workouts and the exact strength and conditioning plan that I follow when preparing for my fights.
In this 8 week program, I reveal my exact eating habits and meal plans that I follow in order to step on the scale at my fighting weight with ease.
This program is for you if you have a moderate fitness level already and are keen to:
  • Build muscle and get functionally strong
  • Get lean and shed extra body fat
  • Increase your power and explosivity
  • Sport specific exercises that emulate movements found in combat sports
You will only need body weight, a set of dumbbells and a heavy kettlebell or two.
This program can be followed at home or in the gym with the equipment that you have.
This is for you if you compete in any kind of combat sports OR have no interest in competing but want to train as if you are.