Body Bomb


Body Bomb

Collagen- Creatine high performance blend 

BODY BOMB combines the benefits of pure creatine monohydrate, with the protein-packed amino acid complex of pure hydrolysed gelatin, to boost your performance and speed up recovery.

Creatine plays a crucial role in the body’s energy metabolism, where it facilitates recycling of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the cell’s energy currency, primarily in muscle and brain tissue.

Creatine tests have shown incredible anti-ageing benefits in the following categories; age related muscle atrophy, strength, mental acuity, brain function, better sleep quality, antioxidative properties and bone health. Creapure® is the purest form of creatine in the world and is made in a dedicated facility in Germany under strict manufacturing protocols.

Our pure hydrolysed gelatin (bovine source) is added into this unique mix to facilitate maximum performance output, prevent muscle breakdown and boost full body collagen production for stronger and healthier joints, ligaments and tissue.

This product is halal and kosher and has zero fillers or bulking agents and is 100% pure!

Each 5 gram, easy to consume sachet contains 2,5 grams of Creature Creatine and 2,5 grams of Hydrolysed Gelatin Collagen booster.

Take 1-2 sachets per day, mixed in with your favourite hot or cold beverage

Made for those with a demanding on-the-go lifestyle! I created this product with the idea in mind-

if you had to take just one supplement each day and get maximum benefit from that, what would it be?
I use BODY BOMB daily as a source of fuel for both my body and mind.  Make today your b**tch
-Jess- Professional MMA fighter