The Fast(ing) and the Fabulous


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The Fast(ing) and the Fabulous

One of the major health benefits of fasting is deloading the digestive system for a period of time which allows for cells to repair. So many of us add unnecessary pressure to our bodies by consuming highly inflammatory foods during this time.


Overfed and Under-nourished tends to be the theme for the month


The focus over Ramadan is not to break fitness records or to start a massive fat loss challenge, but so many of us suffer unnecessarily through Ramadan based on poor nutritional choices.


  • Blood sugar crashes that leave you grumpy and tired
  • Constant hunger and thirst
  • Low energy
  • Constipation, diarrhea or gas
  • Brain Fog
  • Exhaustion 
  • Weight gain


Are all side effects of fueling your body with nutrient void food as well as dehydration.


It is possible to be optimally hydrated while completing a dry fast!


Having more energy throughout Ramadan means being able to perform more acts of worship during this holy month. 


Let me show you how to start and end your fasting day with delicious, nutrient dense food that will fuel and sustain  your body!


  • 30 day Ramadan nutrition blueprint that includes recipes, hacks and essential supplement info
  • Preserve muscle mass and tap into stored body fat for fuel
  • Hydration guide to a high energy and fog free fast
  • Low impact, sustainable exercise plan to keep your body engaged during this time
  • A community of like minded people, fasting supporting a healthier Ramadan.
  • 24/7 advice and support 
  • A fully integrated app 


Don’t undo the great health progress you have made this year already by becoming sedentary and indulgent.


Instead, join a like minded community and have your most energetic Ramdan yet! 

Sign up for a high energy 30 days!


Allow your body is running optimally with a strong body and clear mind

Join the Fasting and Fit 30 Day Challenge today


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