Reconnect with your ancestral health & take your power of optimal living back

9 Week Primal Challenge

Mass media will have you believe that fake meat and highly processed shakes and bars are actually better for your health than what our ancestors thrived on for thousands of years!

Isn't it time that you ditch the fad yo-yo dieting that doesn't work & commit to a sustainable weight loss/ health journey that guarantees enjoyment AND RESULTS?

Alpha is a 9 week primal challenge that aims to get you eating, moving and thriving optimally. In this challenge I will share my tried and tested ancestral lifestyle formula with you that has me thriving in this modern world as a business owner, pro athlete and busy mom of two.

The Challenge Contains

  • Primal welcome pack
  • Primal shopping list to fit every budget as well  as a trusted booklet of shopping resources
  • A step by step primal recipe book that makes cooking and prepping super quick and easy
  • Weekend empowerment cooking challenges aimed at helping you find the love for cooking 
  • Weekly lessons on how to incorporate a primal lifestyle into your daily life
  • Sustainable fat loss program
  • 24/7 group support
  • Easy to use training app with weekly workouts for all levels
  • HD follow along video workouts (cos PDFs are so 2001!)
  • An exit strategy that means you continue to thrive beyond the challenge

Lose stubborn belly fat
Get strong
Enjoy your food for a change
Icrease energy
Elevate your sex drive
finally have a blueprint for optimal health

Alpha IS for you if you are:

Tired of feeling sick and tired

Fed up with crash diets that leave you hungry

Overwhelmed by all the info out there & not sure where to start your weight loss/ health journey

Ready to release the tight grip you feel food has on you

Looking for lasting change

Dealing with autoimmune issues that you suspect can be fixed with a diet / lifestyle change

Alpha NOT for you if you are:

Content with feeling mediocre

Don’t mind feeling hungry all the time

Not ready to break free from your food shackles

Not excited to unlock the full potential of what your body is capable of

Alpha is a primal wellness bootcamp designed to take you from surviving to thriving in 9 weeks!

To allow for maximum support there is limited space available on this challenge

Once Enrolled

You will receive your ALPHA starter pack to your doorstep You will also receive a digital primal cookbook, my primal blueprint e-book and access to the G.I.Jess app where your workouts, calorie tracker and progress stats can be found.

  • 24/7 in app support
  • Daily check ins
  • New habit coaching tips
  • Daily workouts that can be used at home or in the gym
  • You will only need 2 sets of dumbbells/ 1 set of dumbells and a kettlebell
  • Workout with me in real-time, HD, on-demand videos
  • A fully integrated app that connects to MyFitnessPal, FitBit, Garmin etc.
  • Meal Plan +Macros+ Calories+Recipes
  • In-app group support

Alpha aims to give you ALL the tools you need for success! Through this 9 week challenge you will have a personal nutritionist, access to a highly qualified health and mindset coach, accountability and community.

This is a fail proof plan equipped with one of the highest systems you can use to have lasting transformation-Not just temporary satisfaction.

There are thousands of challenges out there, but very few have this type of support and accountability!

It is why my course WORKS!

The Gi Jess App

This is a course + personal coaching experience + accountability container. This is one of the highest systems you can use to have lasting transformation. Not just temporary satisfaction. There are thousands of courses, but very few have this type of support and accountability! It is why my course WORKS!


What is Primal eating?

A primal lifestyle focuses on whole nutrient dense food. It prioritises high quality protein and fats 

What will I be cutting out?

Anything processed or harmful for you! This includes grains, gluten and refined sugar as well as seed oils

What will I eat then?

That’s simple! Plenty of delicious meat, diary if to agrees with you , honey and some veg and fruit.

Is this a Keto Diet?

When you eat primal, your carbs come from fruit and honey mainly. Depending on how active you are and what your weight loss goals are will depend on how much carbs you need. Bottom line is, you will feel nourished and satisfied! 


Space is incredibly limited due to the highly personalised coaching experience & RESULTS COME WITH A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

This challenge kicks off on 12 Sep 2022 

Price: R900